Dine’s Dinos

A school is all about ensuring children get the best possible start in life and this year we have been joined by six new cuddly dinosaurs on our team. The learning dinosaurs, as they are known, each have a learning strength and we are using them to demonstrate to the children the types of things you have to do to be a learner. Exploasaurus is the green dino and loves exploring and find things out, the shareasaurus (light blue) shares ideas and skills, stickasaurus doesn’t give up even though he may make mistakes, tryasaurus (orange) has a go and tries his best, thinkasaurus (pink) imagines and thinks his ideas, and lastly askasaurus (dark blue) finds things out by asking and isn’t afraid to ask for help when he is stuck. They all know that if they are stuck it is great because they are learning something new and they don’t worry if they can’t do it because they just haven’t learnt it yet.


The curriculum in our school is designed to provide our children with the skills and knowledge they need in order to grow into confident and useful individuals.

If you would like additional information on the curriculum please approach your child’s class teacher or speak to the team in the office.



The following subjects are planned and taught in our school using a balance of whole class, group and individual methods. Schemes of work have been developed from Government strategies and every effort is made to make them interesting and interactive. We use a variety of visual (things to look at), auditory (things to listen to) and kinaesthetic (things to touch) approaches.