Welcome to Dines Green Community Primary School and Nursery.

You will always be assured of a warm welcome when you come to Dines Green Community Primary School & Nursery. We are proud of our school and all that has been achieved so far, but we also know that there is so much more to be learned and so much more that we can do.

As a ‘community school’ we try to be involved in all aspects of the world that immediately surrounds our school by welcoming neighbours in and taking our children out. We are constantly striving to instil in every child that there are no boundaries to what can be achieved if they work hard, try their best and just ‘believe in themselves’.

I believe that every school should be a ‘good school’ and serve the community that surrounds it. The only real way to judge a school is to go inside and to look around for yourself, not necessarily at an Open Day but during a normal school day when all around are busy and no one has time to put on a show. You will quickly sense the way everyone is valued through the way they communicate and the feeling of warmth which should emanate all around.

I am so pleased therefore to extend my first welcome to you through our school website. As you open it’s portals you will be able to learn more about us and if what you see makes you want to find out more, why not come along for a personal visit. We would be very pleased to meet you.

Mrs Sara Longmire
Head Teacher

We are looking forward to seeing you ‘Looking Smart and Thinking Smart.’

Now working with Magic Moments on site to provide wrap around child care.

Please contact Magic Moments or the school office for additional information. 




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